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Five things pregnant women should avoid

Image of a pregnant woman sitting back on a chair and enjoying the view through the window.

Are you a momma-to-be? Yes, well then, congratulations!!. Pregnancy must be the most exciting and happiest period of your life, but you may be a bit cautious about what to do and what not to? Do not worry, We have got you covered. Here are some don’ts that you must avoid.

1. Avoid painting the nursery

I know you must be excited to prepare your home for the new family member. But, avoid painting the nursery as paints contains petroleum-based chemicals and cause indoor air pollution. Recent researches show that exposure to paint fumes may increase the risk of miscarriage.

As soon as you open the lid, paint starts releasing toxic fumes into the air, so the best way to neutralize paint odour and remove paint fumes from the air is to use an air purifier for your home.

2. Avoid breathing second-hand smoke

A new WHO report states that second-hand smoke kills around 1.2 million people every year, and can lead to early birth, low birth weight, miscarriage, learning defects in your child and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS).

So, it is best to request your friends and family to quit smoking, at least when they are around you.

3. Choosing the wrong hospital

Choosing the wrong hospital is the rookie mistake you can make in your first pregnancy. People generally look up to what facilities a hospital offers and what kind of staff they have, but they often forget to check whether the hospital is clean and hygienic enough and do they have air purifiers for every room.

Air safety and air security are the parameters which you should always take into consideration before selecting a hospital to bring your newborn into this world.

4. Not Taking enough rest

Taking too much rest during pregnancy is not suggested by doctors, but working for long hours isn’t either.

A Japanese study revealed that women working for more than 40 hours each week are at higher risk of miscarriage and premature delivery.

So, you need just to sit back a little and relax; stressing yourself out is going to harm your baby and your health, remember, as I said earlier, health is wealth.

5. Exercising in hot and humid rooms

Exercising during pregnancy is healthy for you and your baby and helps you stay in shape and prepare for labour.

But, the experts say that exercising in a hot and humid room may be dangerous, especially in the first trimester when your baby’s organs develop. It can cause congenital disabilities.

Moreover, working out in a closed gym room without any air freshener or air purifier increases the risk of bacterial infections and the spreading of viruses.


I talked about all the problems you are going to or are facing in your pregnancy period. But, what about the solutions? Do not worry. I have got you covered.

All the problems mentioned above have a single solution. Get an air purifier. Yes, you heard it right. Air purifiers are your one-stop solution.

In a recent study, pregnant women were under observation before 18 weeks of gestation, and each of the indoor pollutants, PM 2.5, HCNO, NO2 and VOCs, were monitored for seven days. The results suggested that Indoor air pollution can cause complications such as preterm birth, autism, asthma, and risk of miscarriage.

So the best investment you will make this year for yourself and your little one is to buy an air purifier. Many air purifiers are available in the market, but I suggest you go with Tenshield.

Freshcraft’s Tenshield is the world’s most intelligent air security device to improve your air quality and create a safe environment for you and your baby.

Tenshield releases a large number of negative ions, which are particularly good at removing pollens, bacteria and viruses from the air, as well as dust and cigarette smoke. It comes in two models, Tenshield atom and Tenshield Sky.

Tenshield atom is designed for rooms under 2500 cubic feet, like your bedroom or living room. So it can fix your problem of nursery painting and will limit your second-hand smoke exposure.

Whereas, Tenshield Sky works well for much larger spaces, like hospital wards, board rooms, indoor sports arenas, gyms or places on or over 10,000 cubic feet. So, that solves your problem of exercising in a closed, hot and humid gym.

Tenshield is one of the best air purification device in India and is a must for every home with a pregnant woman. You can visit us on and decide which of our products suits you the best.

Till then, stay safe, Breathe clean and enjoy your pregnancy.

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