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Negative ions are in fact beneficial to our health. They occur in nature and are produced by our bodies but can also be produced artificially. Tenshield is a device that artificially creates these ions in your home or office thus providing you with better air quality. These ions are particularly good at removing dust, pollen, bacteria and other harmful substances from the air you breathe.

No, it does not consume a lot of electricity. It consumes the same amount of electricity as a normal household LED bulb.

The devices are proven to be more powerful and effective compared to others in the market. Tenshield produces more ions, resulting in greater effectiveness in killing microbes. The device variants and their range have been clinically tested and proven.

Tenshield Atom – coverage area up to 3000 Cu. Ft

Tenshiled Sky – coverage area up to 10000 Cu. Ft

The device is capable of destroying extremely crucial viruses like MS2 Phage, which are more dangerous than SAR -COv-2 itself. Of course, our device can destroy all variants of Covid.

TENSHIELD releases anions into the air. These anions bind to positive ions in the room, such as dust particles, pollen, fungal spores and of course bacteria and viruses in the air. The process purifies the Air due to the increased weight of the bonded molecules, making them fall to the ground or settle on surfaces more quickly. However, the surfaces still need to be cleaned manually but the impurities in the surface also get deactivated.

No, the particles of the ioniser are neutralized, eliminating all the harmful properties of the pollutant. Once deposited, they will remain settled down.

We recommend placing the device at least 1 meter away for electrosensitive individuals. Many studies have found that it is not dangerous to live in air rich in anions. Moreover, the air is naturally ionised and can be particularly strong in certain natural environments such as forests, seasides, waterfalls and mountains.

No, The particles deposited on the surface get immediately deactivated after the ionisation process takes place. So it will remain harmless. However, you will still require to clean the surfaces every once a month.

Our air purification solution differs significantly from conventional air purifiers because it requires no filter replacement and because it is virtually silent when in continuous operation. Moreover, their high energy consumption contributes to an increase in their carbon footprint. TENSHIELD devices diffuse anions directly into the room volume, without an air supply. The development of this technology was accompanied by great care to ensure its safety, which has been verified by several test protocols. This operating principle allows the continued use of a TENSHIELD all year round: ultra-silent, filterless, easy to maintain and energy-efficient.

Air ionisation can produce ozone as a possible by-product. Our PMAE technology and its induction-coupled plate technology avoid the possibility of ozone formation to a significant extent(Ozone is a powerful oxidant that is aggressive to human tissue, especially the mucous membranes of our respiratory tract). Tenshield devices do not alter the ozone concentration in the atmosphere. You can refer to our website for test reports in terms of pollutant removal and safety.

TENSHIELD devices are 100% safe in living environments. There are numerous reports of laboratory tests proving that no secondary pollutants are emitted: no emission of ozone, an oxidation potential equivalent to that of neutral air and no reaction with chemical substances present in the air. All these reports are available on our website.

You are most exposed to pollution indoors, where you spend 80% of your time. You inhale polluted air in small amounts every day, hour after hour.  Above all, the room is the first place to clean: after all, it is one of the few places where we spend at least a quarter of the day.

You can choose Tenshield Atom if you need it for rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, office cubicles and any other room up to 3000 cubic feet.

You can go for Tenshield Sky for areas such as sports arenas, gyms, restaurants, boardrooms and areas up to 10,000 cubic feet.

Ions dispersed from Tenshield  operate on all particles suspended in the air. It eliminates all size ranges of particles, from the smallest, often called nanoparticles or ultrafine particles PM1, to the largest PM10, including the infamous PM2.5, apply to this. Particles such as Combustion particles (typical urban pollution), microorganisms (pollen, mould spores, bacteria, viruses), and VOCs (volatile organic compounds, a category of gas pollutants increasingly scrutinised by air quality experts) are also eliminated.

Better air quality, increased mental energy, protection from harmful viruses, sanitisation of the air and surface, elimination of dust, pollen, dander, mould and improvement in mood can be noticed within a short span of time by using this air purifier.

After a few weeks of use, you may notice a deposit of dust on the surface of your air ioniser depending on the level of air pollution where you live. The deposits that you see are a sign that the unit is working: those particles have not reached your lungs! If you want an even more spectacular demonstration, you can blow smoke into a glass and place it on the front of the Device, You will see it disappear very quickly.

Tenshield devices are extremely discreet and do their work without odour and drafts. This mode of operation is particularly pleasant in everyday life.

Yes,Tenshield  has a constant efficiency without consumables. This is one of our biggest advantages compared to conventional air purifiers. Dust regularly (2 to 4 times per month, depending on the pollution level in your environment) to maintain this efficiency.

Dust the device regularly (2 to 4 times a month depending on the level of pollution in your environment) to maintain the device. You need to dust the device when you can see a thin white layer of dust on the tips at the front. We suggest you use a dry, non-fibrous cloth, towel, feather duster, or soft brush for cleaning.

We suggest you choose the location of the device carefully. It is desirable that the space around it is as free as possible to ensure better diffusion of ions. Avoid positions that are too “closed”, or constricted by other objects or furniture. Do not place your device near metal objects as they would attract the current of negative ions emitted by the device. It is preferable to place the unit no more than 30 cm from surrounding walls or partitions, on the one hand, to improve efficiency and on the other to avoid the appearance of marks on these surfaces.

Tenshield devices work effectively in closed spaces. It is advisable that you open your windows early in the morning and evening, as this is the first thing you can do to clean the air indoors, which often lacks ventilation. This way you can bring the outside home, but our device will eliminate it as soon as the window is closed. The device purifies the air of the room in which it is installed if that room is not open to other sources of pollution. However, always make sure that there is sufficient air exchange in the room. Avoid any feeling of restricted air or risk of humidity. If necessary, the ioniser will compensate for external pollutant inputs.

We recommend that you keep the device running all the time when you are at your room/office cabin – this way you get the best air quality. The device has a replacement guarantee of 1 year of continuous operation. It consumes very little energy, which is equivalent to a household LED bulb.

Tenshield Devices are robust and highly durable. It is likely that yours still works.

Unplug the ioniser and let it dry overnight. Then plug it back in and turn it back on. It is likely that your device still works.

First, try to find out about the air quality in the area where you live. The countryside can also be polluted by certain activities such as cattle breeding, intensive farming or the proximity of an airport, even up to 50 km. The density of particulate matter can be high in some very dry areas, and the presence of pollen is a source of discomfort even in the healthiest areas. Your home can also be polluted by mould spores, dander and common airborne pollutants. In all these situations, tenshield can come in handy. It is not that easy to make sure that the air you breathe is healthy. But if the reports you can find about the air quality in your area are good and you do not have any symptoms of allergies or reactions related to air pollution, then you are in luck, have fun!

Tenshield uses its PMAE technology to purify the air. The ioniser of the device diffuses a large amount of anions throughout the room it is placed in. The ions electrostatically charge the pollutant particles in the air and neutralise the pollutants present in the air such as dust, bacteria, viruses, mould, VOCs,pet dander etc. Tenshield recreate the same principle of pollution control that is used in natural environments.

The generation of ozone is a potential byproduct of air ionisation. Our innovation of the PMAE and its induction coupled plate technology avoids the possibility of ozone generation to a significant extent. Tenshield devices do not alter the ozone concentration in the atmosphere.

On the one hand, these ultra-fine particles are very adherent and do not come off the ground simply by a breeze or sudden movement. On the other hand, skin contact with these substances has by no means the same physiological effect as their inhalation and absorption through the mucous membranes of the alveoli. Once the Ionisation process is done the particles that are settled on the surface get deactivated. So it is not at all harmful to your pets or children.

Yes. No contraindication. It is recommended to maintain a healthy relative humidity of about 50%.

Yes. You can plug Tenshield to a motorhome if it has a sufficient power supply for the AC adapter of Tenshield Devices.

Particles may accumulate around the device and leave visible traces on furniture and walls nearby, especially if the air is heavily polluted. If possible, do not place the appliance too close to walls (keep a minimum distance of 30 cm) or to electrical or metallic objects that would limit the diffusion of ions and reduce efficiency.


Choose a place that is easy to clean, as pollutants tend to be attracted to surfaces. Avoid surfaces that are difficult to clean. Remember to wipe down the walls near the unit regularly with a cloth to limit the accumulation of dust.

We recommend that you choose the location of the device carefully. It is desirable that the space around it is as free as possible to ensure better diffusion of the ions. Avoid positions that are too “closed”, or constricted by other objects or furniture. Do not place your device near metal objects as they would attract the current of negative ions emitted by the device.

Ions are short-lived in air, but there are dozens of different chemical species called ions, and each has its chemical reactivity! The lifetime depends on many parameters: on the chemical composition of the molecule and thus on its reactivity, on the ambient humidity, etc. However, we can remember that the lifetime of ions is short (from a few fractions of a second to a few minutes). The maintenance of a constant level of ionisation in the air is explained by a continuous production of ions.

In strictly still air, the propagation of ions is caused by their attraction by the surfaces of the room. Large quantities of ions are measured up to 3-4 metres from an ioniser. In moving air, just as in a real room where the air is carried along by temperature differences between surfaces and by convection due to ventilation and the presence of occupants, the propagation of ions is even more encouraged. Ion propagation can be significantly improved if the ions are emitted close to an air flow.

As stated on the product pages of our website, the normal delivery time is 5-7 working days anywhere in India, 14-21 days for shipping outside India. If the deadline is extended due to exceptional circumstances, we will indicate this on our website.

The diffuser will indeed be less effective. However, the diffuser will emit a lot of aerosols in a short time, so the reduction will be small as long as the diffuser is working. However, when the diffuser stops working, the reduction of essential oils will be much faster with the ioniser than without.

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