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Tenshield devices all have the same motto; safer indoors for everyone! Tenshield offers people indoor air and surface security 24/7 without harming the environment. We believe in embedding innovative technologies to make lives better and healthier. TENSHIELD uses PMAE technology to purify the air and surfaces and also offers ozone-free air ionisation.

PMAE Technology

When a high negative voltage is applied to a sharp conductor/electrode and the resulting electric field will create an unstable plasma in the tip of the electrode. Thus the air near the electrode will be ionised and anions are generated. Intensity of the discharge will depend on the shape and size of the electrode and the voltage applied across it. The higher the voltage, more anions are generated.
Together with PMAE and its induction-coupled plate technology, Tenshield attains large concentrations of anions without increasing the voltage, thus eliminating the possibility of ozone generation. Briefly, Tenshield devices do not alter the ozone concentration in the atmosphere.
The anions released by Tenshield are chemically similar to those found in nature, namely negative oxygen ions (O2-). The presence of such anions in the air has been shown to have positive physiological and psychological effects.

Ozone Emission

Tenshield neither alters the concentration of ozone in the indoor atmosphere nor produces ozone emissions.


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The negative ions provide a relaxing atmosphere comparable to that seen in natural settings such as beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. Negative ions have been shown to improve the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in increased alertness, reduced sleepiness, and increased mental energy.

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