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Designed for rooms under 3000 cubic feet like your bedroom or living room, Tenshield Atom purifies the air in every room it is placed in, making it a healthier place for your loved ones.


No Ozone Emission

Air security is what we offer. The device does not make any change in the measured ozone concentration values.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Tenshield can work around your schedule. You can set the device to activate during your working hours and even schedule it for your guests.

Ambient Lighting

The exquisite design of Tenshield also provides your interior a sense of purpose. The gadget can be mounted on your roof or side walls, giving aesthetic value to your home while maintaining the purity of the air we breathe.

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Image of Air security device - Atom in glyph form.
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Feel the Nature -Tenshield Atom

Feel the

Rejuvenate the body and mind
with each breathe

Bio Friendly -Tenshield Atom


Keeping your loved ones safe
and secure

Aesthetic Design -Tenshield Atom


Blends seamlessly with your

Product Specifications
Model TS101 Atom TS101 Atom+
Volume Coverage < 3000 cu.ft < 3000 cu.ft
Sound Level < 35 dB < 35 dB
ON-OFF Timer No Yes
IoT(Smart Connectivity) No Yes
Power Consumption 3W 5W
Power Supply 100 - 250 Volts
(50-60 Hz)
100 - 250 Volts
(50-60 Hz)
Dimensions 35x35x15 cm 35x35x15 cm
Weight 1.72 Kg 1.72 Kg
Colour Black and Grey Black
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