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15 Ways Air Quality Can Improve Your Productivity

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Over the centuries, we have witnessed a steep degradation in the quality of air humans breathe due to industrialisation and rapid transformation, leading to various air-borne diseases and loss of productivity. For instance, the pm 2.5 level in Delhi has caused a steep rise in lung diseases among people in recent years.
Lately, we have started to ponder the importance of air security and the benefits of improved air quality on the health and productivity of human capital. Recent research on the indoor environmental quality has proven that for people who work and live in places with enhanced air quality, their productivity rises by upto 11% as to those who breathe filthy air. Now let’s analyse the ways improved air quality can substantially increase your productivity.


1. Decision Making

Air quality affects the kind of decisions investors make in business. A study shows that a slight rise in the pollutant levels in the indoor environment has a “large and significant” negative impact on the decision-making of private investors. Therefore, enhanced air quality helps you make better decisions.

2. Cognitive Ability

Connected to the first point, a recent Harvard research has proven that better air quality can double the reasoning scores of people. It demonstrates that air quality has a substantial impact on the cognitive ability of humans.

3. Thermal Comfort

As people have different thermal preferences, with better air quality through proper air purifiers and ventilation, you can maintain a proper thermal comfort index in the indoor environment, thus improving the overall performance of human capital.

4. Strengthens Immune System

Good health is always desirable for your overall productivity. Improved air quality prevents various health issues such as Asthma, Cancer, breathing problems and Lung infection. Moreover, cleaner air significantly improves your healing rate, thus helping you recover faster to your original state.

5. Mental Health

Yes! Air quality can affect your mental health. Bad air quality can result in hypertension, fatigue and sleeplessness. With improved air quality standards in your workplace, you will witness tangible improvements in your mental health.

6. Happier and Relaxed mind

As inhaling cleaner air increases the oxygen levels in your blood, it helps in increasing the production of serotonin (happy hormone), making you feel happier, relaxed and less anxious.

7. Better Sleep

Another study found that those who inhale cleaner air have a massive positive impact on sleep quality. With better sleep, productivity at work automatically improves.

8. Reduced Absenteeism

A literal headache for employers, bad air quality not just decreases the cognitive ability and performance but also the attendance of the workers. Poor air quality causes a 30% increase in employee absenteeism and a $1.8 million loss yearly for the company with 1000 employees. It has been proven that better air quality in the workspaces significantly reduces absenteeism and also increases the profits of the corporations.

9. Reduce disease transmission

Working in a building having a lack of indoor air quality standards and improper ventilation can substantially increase the chances of transmitting infectious diseases, especially after the advent of Covid-19. Therefore, improving the air quality significantly decreases the chances of disease transmission.

10. Eliminates Sick Building Syndrome

In the 1970s, bad ventilation in US buildings caused workers to suffer from severe coughing, headache, eye irritation, and chest tightness, which came to be known as Sick Building Syndrome. We can still witness this syndrome in several indoor environments. Therefore, improving air quality in the buildings can substantially decrease the symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome.

11. Improved Business Productivity

Businesses might think improving the air quality can increase costs and affect their profits. However, another research shows that investing just $40 per person on indoor air quality every year results in a $6500 worth increase in workers’ productivity. Therefore, bringing a Tenshield’s latest technology air quality monitoring system and air purifier will have a negligible impact on your profits.

12. Improves Personal Life

Connecting air quality with productivity not just improves your professional performance but also helps in improving your personal life at home. This is not a new revelation but a logical deduction from the above points.

13. Enhances Creativity

As air quality reduces your stress level and improves cognitive ability, you will witness a massive enhancement in your creative skills to tackle business problems.

14. Connects with Nature

Improvement in air quality lets you feel the nature in the indoor environment, thus giving you peace of mind and better performance at work. This aspect is based on the Tagore way of teaching, where Rabindranath Tagore focussed on learning not in a closed environment but in nature. This effect highly enhances labour productivity.

15. High Energy level

Various studies have proven that inhaling clean air can enhance your energy levels and ability to concentrate and retain more information than other people. As our lungs take in clean air, oxygen levels rise in the blood, which further goes to our brain, thus making us feel more energised.


As now you might have understood the significance of air quality, it is pertinent to maintain high-end indoor air quality parameters. You can improve your indoor air quality by bringing indoor air quality monitoring systems and air purifiers/cleansers to witness a substantial rise in the performance of the human capital.


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