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Does water leaks lead to indoor air pollution?


As very few people are aware of indoor air pollution, they don’t know how water leaks worsen indoor air quality. Yes, you hear it right water leaks lead to indoor air pollution. However, saying that water leaks are only responsible for poor indoor air quality is wrong, but yes, it severely impacts indoor air quality. And if the indoor air quality is already poor, water leaks will worsen it. Here we will discuss how water leaks lead to indoor air pollution and how it will impact you and your family. But don’t worry because here we will also discuss how to prevent this and live in the best quality air.

How do water leaks lead to indoor air pollution?

Damage furnishing

Water leaks easily damage furnishing, especially wood furnishing. They spoil the floorings as well as the furniture giving a better place for germs and bacteria to survive and grow rapidly. And everyone knows that wood is one of the favourite places of bacteria, moulds and mites. And the result of all this is obvious poor indoor air quality.

Too much moisture

Water leakage will definitely result in too much moisture, and it is a well-known fact that moisture is the best companion to air pollution. Too much moisture doesn’t allow harmful airborne particles and dust to settle down or fly away, and they remain in the surroundings for a long time. Mist and fog is the best example of moisture and their impact on pollution.

Impure water

Water leakage can occur from anywhere, including from unhygienic sources like sink pipes, sewage pipes, etc. Now you can imagine the quality of water, and poor water quality will result in poor indoor air quality. It will also lead to odour and the growth of germs and bacteria. Most infectious diseases result from poor water quality, so water leakage can severely impact indoor air quality.

Air filters

Air filters in cooling and heating systems get dirty after some time as they contain dirt, dust, pollens and other harmful airborne particles. And water leakage in such systems or outflow pipes gives way to such harmful particles to spread in the surroundings easily. Everyone knows that water continuously flows from such systems, so any leakage in the outlet pipe will damage the indoor environment badly.


If anyhow rainwater is coming inside your home, it can cause your serious trouble. It not only takes a lot of unwanted airborne particles but also invites germs, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms to your home. They also help mould to make their home inside your premises. The dirt and dust also stick to your windows, ceilings, floorings and other surfaces, degrading the overall indoor air quality.

Ways to reduce the risks?

Thorough Supervision Of Pipes

Make sure to undergo proper supervision and inspection of pipes. You can hire a professional team for the same. Try to go through this inspection frequently as it will avoid leakage and give you proper information about your sewage and pumping.

Frequent Cleaning of Pipes & Ducts

Proper cleaning of pipes & ducts will eliminate the risk of indoor air pollution, even during water leakage. The reason is that if the pipes and ducts are clean, the water quality will also be relatively better, reducing the risk of worst indoor quality.

Proper Storage

Try to stop the spreading of water and collect it in a bucket or any containers. It will stop the risk of damaging floorings and furnishing. Also, it will not help bacteria grow and spread in the surroundings and keep the moisture level within the limit. But don’t store the water for a long time as the bucket is filled threw the water immediately.

How to keep yourself and your family safe in such situations?

As leakage repairs take some time and bacteria and germs take little time to spread and grow, you have to be prepared to tackle the situations. In such situations, an air security device will help you. It is a smart air security device which will go active automatically as the air quality worsens. Don’t worry about anything as it is capable of tackling all types of airborne particles, germs, bacteria and even viruses. And when it comes to air security devices, there is no better option than Tenshield. Tenshield air security devices provide you with ultimate security and protection against poor indoor air quality.

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