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Air Security and Aviation Security. How are they different?

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It’s funny how often we get confused between Air security and Aviation security, but we fail to realise how both the terms are vastly different in nature from one another. Where one deals with the quality of the air we breathe in while the other deals with the potential threats we can face while travelling. Let’s dwell a little deeper into the topic.

Air Security

Air is composed of 0.9% argon, 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. The rest % belongs to carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide etc. Air pollution is caused when these pollutants are found in the air in abundance and securing ourselves from breathing in these pollutants is called Air Security.

Achieving Air Security

In today’s world, where asthmatic patients and chronic respiratory disease patients are increasing at alarming rates, there is a need to prevent ourselves from air pollution and achieve absolute air security.
We have masks to save ourselves from breathing in low-quality air outside but we often don’t give enough weightage to the impact indoor air pollution can have on us.
Studies from the United States and Europe show that persons in industrialized nations spend more than 90 per cent of their time indoors. Infants, their mothers, the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases make up the majority of this 90 per cent. And are exposed to harmful pollutants like VOCs, PM10 and PM 2.5.
People are exposed to harmful pollutants like Carbon Monoxide(CO), Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs), Particulate matter(PM 2.5), aerosols, biological pollutants and others. The list of diseases caused by indoor air pollutants goes as – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD), tuberculosis, low birth rate, asthma, lung cancer, cancer of the Larynx and Nasopharynx, and many other respiratory and severe eye diseases.
So, to achieve indoor air security we need an Air Security Device.

What is an Air Security Device?

The air quality monitoring devices that help in achieving absolute air security indoors are called air security devices. People may confuse them with air purifiers but they are much more powerful and efficient than any air purifier available on the market.
These measure air safety by calculating the AQI using an air quality monitor. One such Air Security device is Tenshield by Freshcraft. Tenshield is the intelligent air security device that works on ionisation technology, which is capable of eliminating particles down to 0.01 microns.
Tenshield releases a large number of anions which are particularly good at removing pollen, mould spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke. The anions give you the experience of the natural environment. It is like sitting on a beach or a mountain with a cup of coffee.

Some key features of Tenshield are:-

  • It not only eliminates dust particles, microbes, moulds and fungus but also removes bad odours and pungent smells.
  • It focuses on removing PM 2.5, PM 10 and VOCs.
  • It’s filterless thus, cost-effective. There is no need to change the filter now and then.

Now, as we are clear about what Air Security is, let’s move on to Aviation or Airline Security.

Aviation Security

Aviation Security or airline security refers to the measures that are taken to prevent any kind of mishap, incident or accident involving aircraft. There can be multiple reasons for the accidents such as weather conditions, man-made errors, system failure, terrorist attacks, hijacking, communication of false threats etc. But the thing is, the very reasons we have talked about just now differentiate Aviation Security and Aviation Safety. To your surprise, both are different.

Aviation/Airline Safety

Aviation safety refers to the steps taken by aviation companies to ensure that their aircraft is free from the factors that may lead to any accident. That is, the company is adhering to all the safety regulations issued by the respective government and their aeroplane is perfectly safe for the passengers.
For instance, any sort of mechanical malfunction or system failure of the aeroplane will fall under aviation safety.

Aviation/Airline Security

On the other hand, Aviation or Airline Security means providing security to the staff, passengers, and aircraft from various malicious crimes, terrorists, hijackers etc. The job of airport security is to eliminate any kind of potential threat from entering the country and ensure the security of their passengers.
According to the reports of CNN, intentional aircraft crashes have been taking place since 1930. Along with America, every country around the globe has started taking Airline Security seriously since the infamous and tragic attacks on 9/11. After the attacks of 9/11 USA established TSA(Transportation Security Administration) to protect the transportation system across the country from potential threats.
Lately, not only governments of various countries have been focusing on Airline security, but also many companies like Boeing have been following rigorous rules and testing and retesting their aircraft in order to ensure total security.
We have gone through both Air Security and Airline Security and I hope the next time when you are sitting surrounded by your colleagues and any of the two topics are tossed around in the conversation, you can explain how different Air Security is from Airline Security in nature and its characteristics. And MAYBE, show off a little.

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