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How to win the Air war with proper Air Security?

How to win the Air war with proper Air Security?

The war continues to grow….
No, I’m not talking about the usual war.
The war against the quality of air that we breathe continues to grow. Did you know that India is the third most polluted country in the world?
In fact, this country is home to 22 most polluted cities out of 30 according to the World Air Quality Report released by Swiss Organization IQ Air. The air quality is deteriorating for various reasons like factories emitting chemical gases, coal-fired power plants, and crop burning, vehicles being one of the major causes, and so on. 90% of the population lives in areas that have air quality below WHO standards.
That’s a huge number of people, isn’t it?
Air safety is one of the major concerns of the country at present. Apart from the above reasons, the burning of fuel wood and biomass are two major causes of indoor air pollution in rural areas. A major chunk of the population uses these resources for cooking and various heating purposes. Due to the use of chulhas, about three to four lakhs of people die prematurely by inhaling in such a polluted environment.
Various lung diseases, heart diseases, and respiratory diseases like asthma and emphysema spread because of the polluted air.
The government has introduced various schemes & National Programmes for air quality improvement for a healthier tomorrow. The government is not just taking action to the prevention of air pollution outside, but it has also set indoor air quality standards as well.

Here are 5 simple ways to reduce air pollution:

1. Opt-in for public transport

We’re compromising our health every time we step outside by using private vehicles for transportation. With so many privileges at our disposal, we’re at risk. That results in increased fuel burning & air pollution. Going for public transport when feasible and mindfully using private vehicles can eventually gain us a better future/ healthier tomorrow.

2. Avoid burning Crackers

India is a hub of grand celebrations, be it festivals or a marriage. Unfortunately, both these celebrations come along with burning firecrackers that cause a wide amount of pollution. The burning of crackers creates a layer in the sky that is extremely harmful to our health, so avoiding the burning of crackers is the best way to go.

3. Use of advanced technologies in electronics

Internal air pollution contains various air-borne particles like germs, pollens, and bacteria that are hazardous to our health. The upcoming technology in India has brought in various air purifiers and air security devices that not only purify the air but also kill SAR COV 2 variants, neutralise pathogens, and control other harmful particulate matter.

A few of the best air purifiers are,

In all positive ways, using a fan instead of an air conditioner and filters in the chimney also makes a huge difference. Installing air purifiers for dust, dirt, smell, and purification are various uses of it.

4. Avoid using chemicals

Minimising the use of products that smell strongly & contain chemicals like paints, perfumes, inks, etc can be a good idea, or going organic is the new normal. Strongly smelling products that have a pungent smell can cause major air pollution which can be controlled by an air purifier machine at the place of chemical usage.

5. Promote Afforestation

A tree is a one-stop solution without a second opinion when it comes to problems related to air quality. Promoting & planting trees is a win-win situation for us humans, as trees provide us with everything we need for a living. A number of plants are maintained inside infrastructures in order to not only maintain the aesthetics of the place but also for their air-purifying abilities. Some of the examples are spider plants, golden pothos, areca palms, peace lily, and so on.
While the government and higher authorities are doing their due diligence, we, as responsible citizens of the country must contribute our part by following the above measures. Let’s win this air war by proper air security, start by planting a tree outside your house & bringing the best air security device for home that will not only purify the air but also kill the disease-causing germs & bacteria.

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