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Deforestation: A threat to our Ecological System

A person hugging a tree symbolises to prevent deforestation.

Clear air, which is necessary for the healthy and advanced life of every living being, is now a dream for most of us. Even after using several methods for the prevention of air pollution by people and governments throughout the world, one cannot visualize situations getting better.

Air security is what the world needs currently at an alarming rate but due to increasing deforestation, the air quality has been degrading severely, only posing us with threats. According to the latest environmental scan by the WHO, air pollution is considered to be the 4th greatest threat to human health. One can trace a list of diseases caused by air pollution like lung cancer, all occurring due to impacts of deforestation.
Even some of the major sources of air pollution contribute to excessive deforestation. The impacts mentioned below are some of the most occurring issues which have hampered our ecological system due to deforestation.

Impacts of Deforestation

Since trees play a major role in the perfect working of our environment, cutting them down will pose some major threats to our ecosystem and will make us pay in a heavy manner.
The major impacts caused by deforestation are mentioned below which can easily be solved through various methods.
● Habitat Loss for Living Beings
Apart from humans, other living beings such as different wild animals have their major habitat in the forest areas. With industrialization and urbanization, deforestation occurs due to which animals are losing their habitat.
● Increase in water in the Atmosphere
Trees play a role in managing the water cycle and have their effects to control the percentage of water present in the air. In the areas where deforestation is excessive, the air lacks enough water due to which soils are not being enriched properly.
Due to such issues, the soil is left dry and turns out incapable to grow plants in them in a proper manner. Moreover, due to this factor, the air becomes a carrier of different diseases and hampers the well-being of humans.
● Poor Air Quality
One of the biggest factors which is an impact of deforestation is poor air quality. This factor not only harms humans but also has a devastating effect on every possible part of this ecosystem. According to research, 90% of children inhale toxins present in both the indoor and outdoor air.
Although, due to some latest trends in science and technology, people have built some latest technologies in electronics and have produced devices to control the air quality standards of indoor places throughout the world.

Difference between Outdoor and Indoor Air

Since air is the one thing that keeps us accompanied at any given place, be it big or small, it has its impacts depending on the place we are at. Segregated into two types, indoor and outdoor air, both are now considered to be harmful to a human to breathe in.

But the difference between them lies in the presence of walls. Closed areas or shelters that are packed between walls like our homes, offices, or even cars tend to contain indoor air. While open spaces which do not have any restricting elements like walls and have an open environment contain the outdoor air.

Even if our minds consider the closed areas as a safe place, it has underlying unseen and unsafe points to it. According to a survey by EPA, indoor air tends to be 2-5 times more harmful than outdoor air and is not preferable to breathe either.
Although issues regarding indoor environmental quality can currently be resolved through the latest trends in science and technology some of which are mentioned below.

Devices Available for Air Safety & Well Being

Air Security is one of the most important factors currently which demands the attention of every individual. There are several factors affecting the air quality at indoor places like smoking, dust, fungus, etc which are unknowingly present in our houses and make us prone to diseases.
But with the advancement of technology daily around our lives, we are now backed up with indoor air quality solutions which provide us with safe air to breathe in. These devices not only improve the air quality but also ensure our well-being and help our body to improve all together.


Devices such as exhaust fans and vents installed in houses work by exchanging the harmful and stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air and ventilating the houses, perfect for harmonious living.
Several products available in the market for a long time offer solutions to regulate your house’s indoor environment. Moreover, ventilators prove to be an excellent device for new tightly sealed buildings which are not being used currently. They remove the toxic gases which might contain some gases along with chemical vapours.
Devices such as Air Roof Ventilators by reputed companies like Havells, Dyson, etc can provide the best solutions for big air purifiers. Air Ventilators also provide people with the maintenance of temperature around the closed spaces for a calm living environment.

Some of the features of air ventilators by Dyson, Havells, etc are mentioned below:

● Smooth air flow
● Minimal or low noise
● Apart from solving issues of poor air quality, these ventilators also provide human comfort by
maintaining the air flow and temperature of closed spaces.


Devices such as exhaust fans and vents installed in houses work by exchanging the harmful and stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air and ventilating the houses, perfect for harmonious living.
Since these places prove to have excess moisture, dehumidifiers make sure that the air is drained out and no scope of microbial growth is possible inside as a threat. Apart from controlling the air quality, dehumidifiers low down the humid environment which proves to be health beneficial and protects an individual from catching allergies or diseases.

Some of the best Dehumidifiers available in the market involve Power Pye Dehumidifiers, Hysure Dehumidifiers, etc. The features included in these products which make them special are:

● Are portable to different places as per use
● Automatic shut-off features to prevent the hassle
● Can control the temperature for thermal comfort
● Anti-Bacterial and prevents the growth of microbes

Air Purifiers & Air Security Systems

Maintaining air quality inside closed spaces indeed is crucial. Air purifiers filter the air entering the room and later release it after filtration to make sure pure indoor air quality parameters are met perfectly.

These air purifiers and air security devices prevent the flow of stale air and eliminate the harmful chemicals which might be present in the air. These devices can prove to increase life expectancy with their working in indoor spaces.

There are several options present in the market for both air purifiers and air security devices.
Some of the air purifiers include the devices from Dyson and Kent which have several benefits like:

● High efficiency
● Works with a low noise
● Remove germs present in the air
● Layers of filtration system to ensure maintaining the air quality

Moreover, air security devices presented by companies like Freshcraft are the best option within the latest technology to meet air quality standards. The Air Security device by this company works by releasing a large number of negative ions which eliminate the harmful aspects of indoor air such as pollen, mould spores, bacteria & viruses from air present in houses, etc.

Features of this device to maintain the air security and well-being of an individual especially in indoor spaces are mentioned below

● Prevents the transmission of viruses through the air
● Low power consumption with a filterless technology ensures a hassle-free working
● Portable and is easy to plug in due to which it can be used at any indoor place according to one’s
● Prevents bad odour and growth of microbes


Deforestation poses numerous threats to the flora & fauna present in our environment. And with the current damage done to our ecological systems through deforestation, one cannot undo it, rather we are now forced to rely on our developing technological systems to safeguard our health.
People can easily take the advantage of air security systems available in the markets to improve the environment around them and work towards safeguarding their health.

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