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Particulate matter – The hidden villain in our homes

Microscopic image of a human hair strand to compare its size with Particulate matter.

Particulate matter – The hidden villain in our homes

Air pollution has emerged as the World’s gravest environmental problem in recent years. In many locations, particulate matter concentrations considerably exceed recommended international standards resulting in severe implications on population health. Over the last few years, many parts of the World have witnessed alarming levels of particulate matter in the atmosphere.

What is particulate matter?

Particulate matter, shortened as ‘PM’, combines airborne solid particles and liquid droplets that can be inhaled and cause severe health problems. It could include smoke, dust, soot, chemicals, pollen, liquid droplets etc.

What are the different types of particulate matter?

Particulate matter has particles with different characteristics – i.e. shape, optical properties, size and composition – but it is most commonly divided into subcategories based on the particle size information. Particulate matter is classified based on the size of the particles as:
For example, PM10 with a diameter of 10mm (micrometre) or below constitutes dust, construction particles, PM2.5 with a diameter of 2.5mm (micrometre) or lower combustion particles, aerosols, metal vapours etc.

How is particulate matter harmful?

Particulate matter is an enormous contributor to indoor and outdoor air pollution and a notable factor in many major diseases. Those living in cities, especially those working near roads, have a substantially increased risk of several diseases, especially autoimmune, cardiovascular, respiratory, and neoplastic. Particulate matter is so minuscule that it is inhaled while breathing. This could cause severe lung and blood injury, causing asthma and heart ailments. Prolonged exposure has also contributed to more significant lung cancer and bronchitis cases. PM10 can also irritate the eyes, nose and throat. Particulate matter also contributes to making the atmosphere around us hazy.

Where does particulate matter come from?

Particulate matter makes its way into the atmosphere in different ways. Some are emitted from construction sites, fires, vehicular emissions, crop burning, industrial pollution etc. Some particles are formed in the atmosphere due to chemical reactions of industrial emissions like nitrogen oxide, Sulphur dioxide etc.

How can we handle the particulate matter menace?

The threat of particulate matter looms large over us. Air security becomes an inevitable measure to ensure healthy living. While the government is spending considerable funds to ensure cleaner air around us, there is a concern about indoor air that needs our action. Particulate matter finds its way into our homes and office spaces, threatening our health while we think it is all safe in there.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is 100 times more polluted than outside air. Indoor air has a more powerful direct impact on human health than outside air. Moreover, in contrast to atmospheric pollution, indoor pollutants are about 1000 times more likely to be transmitted to the lungs, causing diseases.
Therefore, air security devices are critical, as it can prevent exposure through proactive preventive measures. Therefore, efficient and effective monitoring of indoor air is necessary to manage air quality properly.

Planning an ambient air quality monitoring network is essential yet complex for a vast country like India. Various upcoming technologies in India now work towards checking air
quality and providing solutions that help improve indoor air quality.

An intelligent network requires advanced IT support, smart devices that check air quality, and automated security systems to control it. That’s where Tenshield comes to play.

Tenshield is an Air Security Device that uses innovative technology to fight pollution and eliminate particulate matter. Air security systems can go as small devices like a car air
purifier and larger capacity devices that can purify the air in a large auditorium or office space. Tenshield provides all these variants.

The Air Security Device, Tenshield, acts as a shield and protects your breathing tract from pollutants. Tenshield is available in two variants:

Tenshield Atom

Tenshield Sky

A healthier tomorrow lies in developing air security around us, which is perhaps more important than financial and physical security. Therefore, while choosing your air security device, we must select an automated, comprehensive, innovative system to check the quality and clean it without manual intervention. With Tenshield, you get all of these incorporated into a single product.

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