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How Does Ozone Concentration Affect Your Health, And What Ways To Measure It?

Image of a clear sky where the concentration of ozone is invisible with the naked eye but is present.

How Does Ozone Concentration Affect Your Health, And What Ways To Measure It?

Though every part of the body is important, some body parts like the heart, lungs, etc., are the fundamental units for the survival of life. Now a human's lungs, or we can say the respiratory system is more prone to external risks as a lot of harmful airborne particles and other unwanted particles go into our lungs through the air.

How does ozone concentration affect your health, and what ways to measure it.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a gas that is naturally found in our atmosphere. Now this ozone is highly beneficial for humans as it protects us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This ozone is called natural. But there is another type of ozone gas that forms near the ground, I.e. in our surroundings. This type of ozone is called ground-level ozone. Pollutants in the air form this type of ozone. Various machines, vehicles, manufacturing plants, and other such activities release various types of harmful airborne particles which, when reacted chemically in the presence of sunlight, form very harmful ozone. Many devices and appliances also release ozone.

How does ozone concentration affect your health?

As we mentioned, the ground level ozone is formed due to various harmful particles; it is very dangerous for a human’s respiratory system. If a person is exposed continuously to highly ozone-concentrated air, his respiratory system will start showing signs like cough, sore throat, irritation, chest pain, etc. And that’s experts saying that a person needs complete air security inside all the premises including home, office, Gym restaurants, etc.

If a person continuously inhales ozone-concentrated air, he might feel chest tightness. Also, he will face problems in breathing, especially while doing fitness activities, exercises, and other such tasks. Slowly slowly, his respiratory systems will become weak, and he will face coughing and sneezing frequently and again and again.
It will also directly impact his immunity, and due to weak immunity and respiratory system, the person will become a permanent patient of allergies, respiratory infections, and other respiratory diseases.The shortness of breath is one of the major health concerns of ozone.

Ways to Measure Ozone Concentration

Well, there are many scientific methods to measure ozone concentrations in air, but a common man can not perform those methods. Scientists under great supervision and safety perform them. An ozone analyzer or monitor is one of the best methods to measure ozone concentration. Common people can measure the ozone concentration through a small and portable device called an ozone meter or detector.

How to remain safe from ozone?

Well, the best way to remain safe from ozone is to stay at home, especially when the air quality is poor outside. But what about indoor air pollution or air quality. Yes, indoor air pollution is more harmful than outdoor. So to remain safe from ozone at home, you must use upcoming technologies.

There are also many other options, but the thing is they will surely make the air inside your home pure and fresh, but some of them release ozone which is again highly harmful to you.
However, Tenshield doesn’t release harmful concentration of ozone.

After seeing the quality of air which is degrading every day, we can’t just rely on traditional air quality improvement devices. Now a human wants complete air security at an affordable price. That’s where Tenshield comes into play.

Tenshield, not only defeats indoor air pollution but also offers a person complete air security at home, from removing PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles to eliminating viruses and bacteria. The best thing is that it doesn’t release ozone and is highly energy efficient. The IoT connectivity makes it more convenient to operate.

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