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What is AQI?

Infographics of Air Quality Index scale.

Air Quality Index

Air is the essential element for the existence of life, and any change to the quality of Air can directly impact an individual’s health. But what means Air Quality or Quality Of Air? Well, in simple words, Air Quality means how healthy, fresh and pure the Air is in the environment or your surroundings. Now naturally, the quality of Air is always excellent, but due to some harmful external particles, the quality of Air is compromised almost everywhere across the globe. You will be amazed that almost 91% of the world’s population is breathing poor quality air daily. Let’s read in detail how to measure the quality of Air and what health issues a person faces when the air quality is poor. We will also discuss the modern world solutions to such issues.

How to measure the quality of Air?

Well, you have already heard about AQI; if not, we will tell you what AQI is. So AQI is the acronym for Air Quality Index. It simply means it is an index which tells how good or bad air quality is around your surroundings. Now every country has a different point table to measure the quality of Air. Most countries, including India, follow the 500-point scale. Different score range defines different levels of pollution and impurity in the Air. AQI is helpful to aware people of the quality of the Air they breathe daily so that they can take preventive measures to safeguard their health against poisonous Air.

Factors affecting AQI

So as we already mentioned, natural Air is always pure, fresh and healthy, but the harmful external particles make it impure and unhealthy. General AQI is calculated by measuring the level of 5 pollutants which are as follows.

1. Ground-level ozone

2. Particle pollution/particulate matter (PM2.5/pm 10)

3. Carbon Monoxide

4. Sulfur dioxide

5. Nitrogen dioxide

The AQI is calculated by the formula of the Environment Protection Agency.
Among the above five pollutants, Particulate Matter is the most dangerous and harmful, and that’s why Most of the AQI show the level of various Particulate Matter. Undoubtedly, these particles have the most negative impact on an individual’s health. There are mainly two types of Particulate Matter(PM): PM 2.5 and PM 10.

Now PM 10 means airborne particles with a diameter less than 10 micrometres, while PM 2.5 means particles with a diameter less than 2.5 micrometres. The less the diameter of particles in micrometres, the more harmful they are to the human respiratory system. So PM 2.5 is relatively more harmful than PM 2.5.

More About AQI

So in the 500 scale AQI systems, a score of 50 or below 50 represents excellent quality air with minimal impact on human health, while the rest of the levels are written below.
Satisfactory (51–100)
Moderately polluted (101–200)
Poor (201–300)
Very Poor (301–400)
Severe (401-500)

How to be safe from poor air quality?

Now that you know about What really AQI is, it's time to take preventive measures against poor air quality. Well, there is no doubt that some Indian cities are the most polluted in the world. But with the help of upcoming technologies, a lot of people are safeguarding themselves and their families from air pollution.

One more interesting fact that can amaze you is indoor pollution is more harmful than outdoor air pollution. And in such cases, a person needs complete air security inside the premises. Gone are the days when people used traditional air quality improvement solutions. As the level of pollution increases and air quality worsens every day, humans have to adopt new, advanced and intelligent devices.

Tenshield helps you activate air security effortlessly. The device is known for its high performance to low recurring cost and no harmful ozone to high portability. The IoT (Wifi) connectivity makes the user experience hassle-free. It is highly intelligent and smart, from real-time protection to ultra silent and scheduled on/off to highly energy efficient. Tenshield’s mobile application also offers AQI monitoring, which lets us know the real-time AQI of our space.

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